Images are not associated with each variation

Updated on May 29, 2024


Nembol currently does not associate a picture with a specific product variant, meaning that all your products images get transferred, but don’t get automatically show up when you select a specific variation.

However, you can still use Nembol to bulk list on eBay, and associate each image later when already on your shop.

Let’s discover how.


  1. Access your eBay store.
  2. Go to the revise page for the active listings.
  3. Then click on the Edit button, next to the product.
  4. Click on edit in the variation section.
ebay image per variants

5. Click on edit again next to the “Attributes and options” you’ve selected.

ebay image per variations

6. Select all variations and proceed > scroll down to add variation photos.

ebay image variation tutorial

7. Now add images per variants.

8. Don’t forget to save!