Quantities vary on Variations

Updated on June 4, 2024

Full error name: “Quantities vary on Variations“, Quantities vary setting has been changed. Quantity is not at the parent level anymore.

Quantities vary on Variations

Imported products from Etsy to Nembol

Are you experiencing an issue where the quantity associated with each variation of your product is being imported into Nembol, despite keeping the “Quantities vary” setting OFF when creating your listing on Etsy?

Let’s delve into the problem, and explain why this occurs.

On Etsy, it is possible to have just one quantity parameter even for products with multiple variations. This setting is not available on any sales channels, which generally requires specifying the stock available for each variation.

When you import your products from Etsy to Nembol, the quantity is always assigned to each individual variation, rather than being included only at the parent product level. At the same time, the setting gets edited and switched ON in Etsy.

This can be confusing for sellers who intended for the quantity to apply only to the overall parent product. However, there’s a reason behind this Nembol behavior:

  • Most of the integrated channels require to have stock info at the variation level
  • If you attempt to list a product with variations but with stock only at the parent level, an error would stop the publication and reject the product
  • Additionally, synchronization won’t work across channels if Nembol doesn’t provide consistent to the platforms

What happens in Nembol and Etsy?

Let’s consider an example.

Suppose you initially set a stock of 10 for the parent product on Etsy, which has four variations: blue, red, brown, and gray.

However, when the products are imported into Nembol, the quantity of 10 is associated with each of your listings. As a result, the “Quantities vary” setting is automatically enabled in your listing settings.

This behavior can lead to discrepancies between your intended stock levels and how they are displayed on various platforms. It’s essential to understand why this occurs to effectively manage your inventory and prevent confusion among potential customers.

Products with variations on Etsy

Products with variations when imported into Nembol



To address this problem, we recommend to:

  • Switch the edit from Nembol OFF in the Etsy settings.
  • Do not edit your listings to avoid them overwrites Etsy.
  • Instead of using direct Import, consider using a CSV to import your Etsy listing in Nembol. This will prevent you from overwriting your settings in Etsy, still having the opportunity cross-listing on channels.