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This listing has no associated images

Complete error description: “This listing has no associated images. It can not be activated without at least one image.” July 14, 2023 Cause The images

Quantities vary on Variations

Full error name: “Quantities vary on Variations“, Quantities vary setting has been changed. Quantity is not at the parent level anymore. May 4, 2023 Imported

How to upload digital files to Etsy

Content Import products to Etsy in bulk Currently, Nembol does not work with digital products. However, you can still transfer your listings in bulk on

Etsy shipping profile: ZIP code invalid

Complete error description: “Etsy shipping profile: ZIP code is invalid”; “Postal Code is Invalid”. May 1, 2023 Cause What does this error mean? The Etsy

Could not set a calculated shipping profile to the listing

Complete error description: “Could not set a calculated shipping profile to the listing. The listing is missing ‘item_weight’, ‘item_length’, ‘item_width’, ‘item_height’, ‘item_weight_unit’ or ‘item_dimensions_unit’.” May

Invalid Shipping Data

Full error name: “Invalid Shipping Data“ May 1, 2023 Cause You need to revise your weight and dimension details to comply with the chosen Shipping

Cannot connect my second Etsy store

Full error name: “Can’t connect my additional Etsy store; Cannot connect Etsy 2; Unable to link my second Etsy account; Cannot link Etsy 2” May