Transfer orders

Article latest update: April 8, 2024

As of today, Nembol lists products and syncs inventory across several channels, but transfers orders exclusively to Shopify.

To disambiguate:

  • Syncing inventory means reducing the stock count of one or more products, when a seller receives an order on any of multiple channels where they listed their products. And this works in Nembol across most channels.
  • Transferring orders means moving to a given channel’s back-end the order object, complete with ordered products, buyer’s name, shipping and billing addresses, with the purpose of enabling order fulfillment within the latter channel’s back-end. 


How to transfer orders to Shopify

To use the “Transfer orders”, all you need to do is to activate the function in the Sync settings (see screenshot below).

To do so:

  1. Access the Channels tab in Nembol
  2. Click on “Sync settings”
  3. At the “Transfer orders” setting, select into what of your Shopify channels Nembol should should transfer others.

To deactivate the “Transfer Orders”, just unselect it.

This setup will lead Nembol to transfer into your selected Shopify store all orders, received on any of your connected channels.

Please note: for orders to transfer correctly from a channel into your Shopify back-end, each product ordered on said channel must exist also in your Shopify store, and be connected via Nembol across both channels

Please note: as of April 2024, single orders with different products (or different variations of the same product) will be inserted as different orders in Shopify. Please remember to check the shipping information in Shopify before fulfilling it.

To learn the details, and specifications of how the “Transfer Orders” works, please watch this video -> 

How to transfer orders channel by channel

Import Amazon orders to Shopify

With Nembol you can start selling on Amazon with Shopify, and collect your Amazon orders into Shopify, having everything at your fingertips.

To use the Transfer Order function, all you need to do is:

  1. Make sure your products are connected across Amazon and Shopify via Nembol (either because you listed or linked across the two channels via Nembol
  2. Access Channels tab in Nembol
  3. Click on the Sync settings
  4. Select Amazon in the Quantity sync towards Nembol setting

Nembol does collect Amazon product quantities, including both FBM and FBA products. Though Nembol does not transfer orders into Amazon, therefore Nembol is NOT a tool to trigger FBA shipments.

Import Etsy orders to Shopify

Once activated the Order Transfer function, as described above, ensure:

  • That both Etsy and Shopify are connected to Nembol
  • That the products are listed in both Shopify and Etsy, and are connected with each other through Nembol (i.e. listed with Nembol, imported in Nembol, or linked by Nembol across the two channels).

After checking the above aspects, Activate the “Quantity sync towards Nembol” for Etsy in this way:

  1. Go to Channels tab
  2. Click on the Sync settings
  3. Select Etsy in the “Quantity sync towards Nembol” section

Now, every time you get an order on Etsy it will be automatically transferred into Shopify.

Import eBay orders to Shopify

To transfer your eBay orders into Shopify, check on your products to ensure they are correctly listed and linked both on eBay and Shopify and connected via Nembol (i.e. the show the two channel icons in their Products tab line):

  1. Access Channels tab
  2. Click on the Sync settings
  3. Select eBay in the “Quantity sync towards Nembol” section

Import WooCommerce orders to Shopify

As for the other channels, for WooCommerce too the two key prerequisites to transfer orders to Shopify is:

  • That products exist in both channels
  • And that they are connected via Nembol, either because they were listed or because they LINKed across channels at import

To transfer orders you got on WooCommerce into your Shopify store, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to your Channels tab in Nembol
  2. Click on the Sync settings
  3. Select WooCommerce in the “Quantity sync towards Nembol” section

Exceptions & specs of Transfer Orders to Shopify

  1. Nembol will create a single order in your Shopify store per each order line you received in another channel
  2. The price assigned to any ordered product will be the price as listed inside your Shopify store. I.e. if a product was listed at a different price and sold on another channel, the order in Shopify will bear the price as in Shopify
  3. No ancillary products or services will be transferred across channels. For instance Nembol will not transfer discount coupons, nor shipping or handling costs
  4. Order transfer will be performed within minutes since the order is booked.