Import via CSV file

Updated on June 17, 2024


How to import products using a CSV file?

You can use a CSV file filled with all your product data to import items into Nembol.

CSV files can be downloaded from Quickbooks, other ecommerce tools, accounting system, ERP that allows CSV product export, or can be manually created.

If you download it from Quickbooks, other ecommerce tools, accounting system, or ERP:

Copy and paste the data inside the Nembol CSV template, without changing the column titles/value.

If you need to manually create it:

Download the CSV template below, and fill the column with all the info using the Google Sheets.

How to use Nembol CSV template?

Please note: we highly recommend using Google Sheets to edit your CSV, since Excel might not accept commas as a separator.

Once you have downloaded the CSV template, all you need to do is to fill each column as follows:

  • Fill the ID column with a custom code of letters and numbers. If you need to list products with variants, remember to use the parent product ID also on each child product.
  • Fill the title column by typing the title only at the line of the parent product. Remember to leave the title line blank for each child’s product.
  • Fill the description column by adding your product description. As for the title, only the parent product line should be filled with the description.
  • Fill the option_1_name column with the attribute of the variations (e.g: size, color, etc.) Only the parent line should be filled with this info.
  • Fill the option_1_value with the values of each attribute (e.g option_1_name = color; option_1_Value = black).
  • Fill the SKU column with a unique code. Parent and child products must have different SKUs.
  • Fill the GTIN and ASIN column if your products are associated with a barcode. Please note: on Amazon barcodes are mandatory. You must provide them to list your products.
  • Fill the image_link column with the link to your product’s primary photo. To retrieve the link of an image, you should host them on cloud storage like dropbox.
  • Fill the additional_image_link column with all the links of the product secondary images. To add multiple images, remember to separate each photo using the comma “,” as a separator.
  • Fill the brand column with the brand of your products.
  • Fill the tag field with all your product tags, separating them with commas.
  • Fill the category column with the product category.

Read here how to add images to your CSV file ->

how to fill Nembol csv template

Please note: to import CSV file correctly, it is necessary to fill in six mandatory fields: id, title, description, quantity, price, image_link.

How to upload your CSV on Nembol?

Once you have finished editing your CSV, you can now import it to Nembol.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Products Tab.
  2. Click on the “Import” button.
  3. Select “Import CSV file“.
  4. Click on “Choose file” in Nembol, or drag and drop the file. 
  5. Click on “Import products”.
  6. Nembol will start the import and add your products to your Nembol account.