Price bulk edit

Article latest update: September 4, 2023

After having listed your products across multiple channels, you may want to discount or raise your prices, for the end-of-season sales, or to test different ecommerce pricing strategies.

With Nembol, you can easily do that using our price bulk edit features.

Please note: prices will update only on channels that have the "Content update from Nembol" function "ON". Before using the Price bulk edit, check on the channel settings to see if the function is activated

How to use Nembol Price bulk edit?

  1. Open the Products Tab in your Nembol account.
  2. Bulk select the products for which you want to edit prices.
  3. Click on “Actions”.
  4. Once the drop-down menu expands, click on “Price bulk edit”.
  5. Enter a positive figure (30) and click on “Modify products” to raise the prices by the corresponding percentage — See the first screenshot.
  6. Enter a negative figure (-30) to discount the prices by the corresponding percentage — See the second screenshot.
  7. As soon as you click on “Modify products”, Nembol will immediately edit prices across the channels where the products are listed on, and for which the “Content update from Nembol” is turned activated.