How to connect WooCommerce to Nembol

In this article, you can find the instructions to connect your WooCommerce store to Nembol:

  1. Go to the Channels tab in Nembol
  2. Click on the big + button top left, near the Channels title. A list of available channels will appear below
  3. Find WooCommerce, and click on it
  4. Add your store URL to get redirected to WooCommerce
  5. Click on “Connect
  6. Log in with your WooCommerce credentials
  7. Click on “Approve” to grant access to Nembol
  8. Once done, you’ll be automatically redirected back to the Nembol Channel tab to setup your settings.
acess to WooCommerce via Nembol

WooCommerce settings setup

In Nembol you can find settings which are common to all channels, called Sync Settingsand the settings which are specific channel by channel.

Sync Settings

Quantity sync towards Nembol


Screenshot 1: How “Quantity sync towards Nembol” looks like. Choose channels that will update Nembol stock upon order receipt

Select WooCommerce if you wish to receive stock updates from it upon the sale. With this setup when you get an order in WooCommerce, this order will be communicated to Nembol: your quantity will be updated in Nembol, and in other connected channels.

Unselect it if you don’t wish to receive stock updates upon the sale from WooCommerce.

Content update from Nembol


Screenshot 2: How “Content update from Nembol” looks like. Choose what channels should get their content edited when you make a change in Nembol

Select WooCommerce if you wish to edit your listings details from Nembol centrally, and have those edits spread on your corresponding WooCommerce listings. With this setup when you edit a listing in Nembol: change description, edit title, tags, or pictures, and click save, — those edits will update your WooCommerce listing.

Unselect it if you don’t wish to update your WooCommerce listings from Nembol.

Publish to WooCommerce


Screenshot 3: How WooCommerce publish settings look like inside Nembol. Take five minutes to go through them and set

Choose category and product status you wish Nembol to bulk publish your products.

Nembol can list in a specific WooCommerce category, we advise to pick a category, list there all products belonging to it, then come back into settings, change category, and list another bulk of products.

Product Status and categories can be easily reassigned later in WooCommerce.

In this section you can manage catalog visibility according to your personal seller needs.

Import from WooCommerce

To Import your products from Woocommerce:

1. Go to the Channels tab in Nembol;

2. Find WooCommerce in the list of channels, to which your shop has already been connected previously;

3. Click on the Import button on the top.

In the Import overlay, you can see your import settings for that channel.


Screenshot 4: Import from WooCommerce settings inside Nembol

To manage your import settings, click on WooCommerce on your Channels Tab, and then click on “Import” settings.

Here you can choose the Product Category from which you wish to import your listings from WooCommerce into Nembol.

You can import your products from WooCommerce to Nembol with their full HTML descriptions. This is useful if:

  • You wish to have a better formatted descriptions in other channels such as Shopify or eBay
  • Nembol automatically extracts correctly formatted HTML bullets from descriptions to fill Amazon bullets

Once your products were imported without HTML, this cannot be undone, unless you delete all products from Nembol and import them again. This will break any inventory sync you may have set in the meantime.

Please note: Orders are visible in Nembol Orders Tab within minutes after they were received on a connected channel. When a channel is reconnected, or newly connected, Nembol retrieves orders received within the previous 24 hours. No order is retrieved more than once.