Updated on June 25, 2024


How to connect TikTok to Nembol

This is a tutorial article to connect your TikTok Shop account to Nembol and sync products.

Please note that TikTok launched its e-commerce functions and connectors recently, compared to other main marketplaces and e-commerce channels. Take the time to read the paragraphs below, report to our support any exceptions you may find, and please take advantage of Nembol free trial to test before subscribing to any Nembol paid plan.

Nembol currently integrates exclusively with TikTok Shop US and TikTok Shop UK. Businesses based in other countries please stay tuned for future releases.

Let's connect your TikTok Shop to Nembol

  1. Make sure you’re logged in to your TikTok Seller Center in the same browser you are using with Nembol.
  2. Go to the Channels Tab in Nembol.
  3. Click on the “Connect Channels”, top left, and a list of available channels will appear beneath.
  4. Find TikTok Shop, and click on it. 
  5. Now select your current location from the options provided: United States or United Kingdom, then click “Connect”. This will bring you to a TikTok-hosted Web page, tailored for either US-based businesses or UK-based businesses, depending on your previous selection. 
  6. You will be connected on yet a second TikTok-hosted page in which you’ll login with your TikTok Business account credentials. Note that Nembol never gets to see your TikTok Business password.
  7. As soon as you granted the necessary permissions to Nembol App, you’ll be lead back to Nembol Channels tab, now with TikTok Shop connected, ready to check your TikTok-Nembol settings.
  8. Let’s setup now!

Step 1: Start from your Nembol account’s Channels tab. Click the “Connect channels” button, then choose TikTok Shop.

Step 2.1: Confirm you are a US business, and click “Next”.

Step 2.2: Confirm you are a UK business, and click “Next”.

Step 3: Login to TikTok Seller Center with your TikTok business account owner credentials.

TikTok settings within Nembol - setup guide

Publish to TikTok Shop

Publish on TikTok Shop_2024

Screenshot 4: Publish to TikTok settings inside Nembol.


You can select in which of your TikTok shops you wish to list your products published via Nembol.


You can select in which of your TikTok warehouses you wish to tag the stock of products you publish via Nembol. 

When you publish from Nembol to TikTok Shop, you must select a warehouse to which the system will assign products listed subsequently. Look for the Warehouse field in TikTok Shop settings in Nembol. You can change this warehouse for subsequent bulks of products.

When you import products from TikTok Shop to Nembol, in case variations of the same product were allocated in different warehouses, only the warehouse associated with the first imported variation would be considered when importing to Nembol.

Note: we advise sellers to avoid the allocation of same-product inventory across different warehouses, when possible. It could create unexpected errors during subsequent edits, or stock replenishment. In addition, Nembol does not manage it.

Package info

You have the option to set default weight and dimensions for products you wish to publish on TikTok Shop, reducing the effort needed to meet TikTok’s requirements. These default values can be customized for each bulk of products you publish, and subsequent changes will not affect already published products. If you need to edit specific products later, you can do so individually within the Products tab in Nembol.

Remember to set the default weight and dimensions before publishing on TikTok Shop. Changes to these settings won't affect already published products. You can update these defaults for new products as needed.

Additional notes about Nembol and TikTok Shop

  • Listings will be assigned to a TikTok Shop category in an automatic fashion, based on the keywords a seller provides in the Category field of each product in Nembol. If you type in the Category field the exact name of a category, the listing will be published on TikTok Shop under that exact category. If you type nothing in the category field, the listing will be categorized based on keywords found in the product title. Therefore, if you want to modify the category assigned to a given product, you should add or edit keywords in the product’s Category field.


  • Limited to products with variations, syncing inventory across TikTok via Nembol, from any channel, works only if each variation has a unique SKU code.


  • While listing to TikTok, you should hence make sure that SKU codes are present in your products in Nembol before listing to TikTok, or otherwise you should add them soon after.


  • If you import from TikTok to Nembol a product with variations without SKU codes, Nembol will automatically generate an automatic SKU code per each variant.


Nembol does not manage products with different variations assigned to different warehouses.

Import from TikTok Shop

TikTok Import settings_04.24

Screenshot 6: Import from TikTok settings inside Nembol.

Product status

You can filter which products you wish Nembol to get, based on their status on TikTok. 

TikTok Shop requirements

Currently, TikTok requires sellers to include the product weight and dimensions to publish on TikTok Shop. This is true across most of TikTok’s categories. In case you didn’t provide this information, your product will not be listed.

To verify if a field is required by TikTok Shop while listing with Nembol, open the product within your TikTok Seller Center and try editing it. Or otherwise create a new test listing inside TikTok Shop Seller Center.

NOTE: Currently, ‘Jewelry’  is a restricted category on TikTok Shop. Restricted categories may change from time to time, and of course vary by channel. You may double-check restricted categories, and their requirements, at any time, inside TikTok Shop Seller Academy.

TikTok supporting resources

TikTok strives to help sellers succeed on TikTok Shop. Towards this goal, they maintain a TikTok Academy, where sellers can, in their own words “Learn how to boost sales and increase brand awareness as an e-commerce business and creator“.

Among important resources, read how to use TikTok Seller Center, you may have to log in to TikTok as a Business to access these pages.

We @nembol will produce more content in the weeks to come. For any needs, don’t hesitate to contact our Support team, clicking the chat button at the bottom right of each page of any Nembol website or app.